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A new scenography for Raja Art

On 7 November 2016, RAJA exceptionally opened its doors to the public to present its collection of contemporary art, RAJA ART.  Not only artists and gallery owners but also journalists and enthusiasts were able to discover the new scenography of the collection, designed by the architect Laure Dezeuze and Jules Fourtine.


Exhibited at the Group’s European headquarters in Paris Nord 2, the collection is primarily dedicated to RAJA employees. It is a passion, that of contemporary art, that Danièle Kapel-Marcovici wanted to share with them.  RAJA ART shows them that artists are interested in packaging products and can reveal their beauty. For example, Jaildo Marinho manages to sublimate a simple wooden pallet thanks to elegant Carrara marble.


In 2016, Raja entrusted Laure Dezeuze and Jules Fourtine with an ambitious challenge: rethink the scenography of its corporate collection. The two scenographers were particularly vigilant to the management of space but also to the lighting to highlight the works. They were able to remain creative while proposing a museum-type scenography that offers a better understanding of the approach of the artists.  The exhibition is thus organized around ten themes and enriched with numerous explanations so as to accompany the employees in their discoveries. Inspiring them from day to day …