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Marc Bourlier

Born in 1947 in Saigon, Viêt Nam
Lives and works in Paris, France

His work on cardboard involves a process of cutting, tearing and painting. While the series Hommage au microsillon focuses on working with matter first and foremost, his Pictogrammes series is more figurative, using cardboard to portray the city as a real place of rifts, with its traffic panels and its “language of imagery”.


Marc Bourlier’s youth was divided between Africa, South America and Asia. An admirer of Calder, Miró, Braque and Léger, he started his artistic life as a painter. Turning away from figuration, he began to work with corrugated cardboard and then on driftwood. His work is exhibited regularly in shows in France and at the Judy Saslow Gallery in New York.

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