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Born in 1970 in Brazil
Lives and works a Paris, France

Jaildo Marinho’s oeuvre obeys the formal principle of constructivism. His aim is, rst and foremost, to “produce pure shapes by means of geometry”.

In both his paintings, in which he readily introduces a third dimension through the voids that he creates, and his sculptures, strictly geometrical shapes, lines against neutral backgrounds and primary colours merge to create a pure, rational pictorial space.


Jaildo Marinho is a sculptor who works with bronze, as well as marble. When he came to France, it built ties with artists the likes of René Massart, Jesús Soto and Michel Seuphor and was invited to join the South American art group Madi, for which he was one of the founders of the “Museu Madi” in Brazil. He has also taught at ADAC, the Artistic Sculpture and Casting Studio of the City of Paris.

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