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Born in 1947 in Paris, France
Lives and works in Touraine, France

Renonciat’s interest in matter has grown over the years. Sculpted in various representations, at his fingertips the wood can take on hyper-realistic shapes or slip into abstraction.


“Behind the disturbing, all too short effect of trompe l’oeil is the pleasure, for each of us to feel and recognize a memory, a sensation, a whole unsuspected world, even a culture, in our own bodies, that our education has caused us to forget or neglect.”


Today, the sculptor still works on the matter of things, that he puts to use in his gigantic mural compositions of sculpted wood, fabric tapestries, plastic, wool, paper and cardboard.


Christian Renonciat studied philosophy at the Sorbonne before joining an art studio in Antibes in 1969. There, he would work with wood for six years, until 1975, when he opened his own studio in Valbonne. It was there that the sculptor created his first pieces. In Paris, in 1978, he had his first show at Galerie Blondel.

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