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Bubble, air of Bubble


Bubble Wrap, wood, plastic
8 sculptures : smallest 35×20 cm; medium 148×75 cm; largest 195×75 cm

Taiwan was previously a major producer and exporter of plastic products, supplying the demand of advanced nations; it became known as the ‘plastic kingdom’. Aiding the takeoff of Taiwan’s economy, the plastic industry simultaneously left in its wake damage to the environment and local residents.
This work uses the packaging material, bubble wrap, as its main medium. A typical example of a plastic product that is difficult to recycle, it is also an essential ma- terial for wrapping up works of art.
In recent years, in terms of its material identity and exploring social relations, ‘plastic’ has unveiled certain political and economic dynamics. Furthermore, we have only recently learned of Taiwan’s former plastic production through the viewing of documentary films. The production of technology designed in the USA, aside from the complicated political and economic factors, also had potential
implications for environmental pollution. This meant that plastic had to be manufactured outside of the USA’s borders; ultimately the production lines fell to Taiwan.
As a result, in addition to exhibiting packaging materials frequently used by large Taiwanese manufacturers and Taiwanese artists, the work “Designed in U.S.A. Made in Taiwan” also touches on the interaction between plastic production and political, economic and environmental factors.