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Confident Led I and Confident Led III


Led light, cable, plug, electrical outlet, bubble wrap
Dimensions variable

Davide Stucchi likes to make minimal interventions in everyday objects, taking them out of context and infusing them with a new narrative. Here, two rolls of bubble wrap become neon lights, projecting light while remaining protected, almost hidden, by their envelopes of air bubbles. Their titles, Confident I and III, suggest a certain intimacy, inviting the viewer to move closer to this source of light, which, despite the crudeness of its materials (bubble wrap that can be unrolled and stretched, an electric wire that remains visible) evokes the softness of a night-light. Originally made for the Art Quadrennial Fuori (Palazzo delle Exposizioni, Rome, 2020), these works were exhibited in a corridor, a place of passage and transit, but also of encounters and crossroads.