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Laurent PERBOS



Taxidermized bird and prop, glass bell
43 x Ø 23 cm approx.

Laurent Perbos likes to confront the viewer with a typically surrealist discrepancy, playing with the implications in our collective imagination of the motifs he uses, to better short-circuit them. A stuffed bird under a glass bell with a kraft bag over its head: this is the enigma before our eyes. Having become a character, the creature hides, or perhaps is it disguising itself with the means at hand, on its way to a Halloween party, echoing the title of the work? The bell suggests preciousness and delicacy – and therefore protection – as much as confinement; the holes pierced in the brown paper oscillate between an evocation of a horror film and a childish prank. The artist invites us to take a second look, employing uncertainty to assemble an alternative reality that encourages us to recompose our imaginations.