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Dominique DE BEIR

Il fait grand bleu


Perforated cardboard
240 x 150 cm

After learning Braille in 1994, Dominique De Beir began to create and develop the technique of perforations that would go on to characterize her œuvre. Dominique De Beir uses dots in both senses: as interruptions and as characters. Dots are like writing and like an opening, when used in a repetitive motif. They are the minimum touch that builds a whole, single marks of force applied to the surface. A dot is a hole that pricks, that pierces, that erodes the artist’s preferred media: “poor” materials like paper, polystyrene and cardboard. Her frenzied plethoras of perforations are a manifestation of her intention of deconstructing and replicating reality, whilst playing with its ip side.