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Masking tape


Acrylic on wood
32 x 120x 4,5 cm

“My work is centred around the concept that any shape built in a natural or artificial way is architecture. These built shapes are subject to terrestrial forces which may be visible or not, and all of them are governed by the same laws. Thus, any architecture may potentially be challenged and revealed. My creations shall reveal such constraints of the work on itself and on space, and of space on the architecture housing it. Through their composition, these works reveal their own forces of construction and at the same, they underline those of the space which they are located in. They position themselves as a guarantor for an ensemble. They are not only works on a wall, but also the wall behind a work. The space in which the work is installed itself becomes an integral and inseparable element of the work. I am leading the same studies in my painting work. As a matter of fact, the architecture of a frame is subject to the same questions. With my black and white paintings, I seize the shaped canvas to underline the sculptural shape of the frame. The connection between content and container determines the composition of each of my paintings. The limits between shaped canvas and sculptures are at the centre of my work. My “entre” creations, between painting and sculpture, sculpture and architecture, architecture and painting, draw their origins from studies of the Russian avant-gardists, as well as the works of Sol Lewitt, Frank Stella and François Morellet. The choice to work in black and white enables me to concentrate on composition rather than on a colour message. This binary bias can also be found in my sculptures, where materials remain raw and contribute with their original shades. Binarism is also visible in the materials: they may be mineral or vegetal, with steel, wood, canvas and pigment.”