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Enamelled porcelain
35 x 34,5 x 32 cm

A certain curiosity arises in front of this ceramic work: what exactly are we looking at? A paradoxically fragile and hard form, a porcelain lump collapsing on itself. For several years now, the artist has been exploring the ceramic medium, which she loves as much for the freedom and the imprint of her gesture on the material as for the uncertainties that come with it: ceramics indeed contain an element of the unforeseen, and their reaction to firing can only be controlled to a certain extent. Caroline Achaintre likes to blur the lines, not fixing a precise meaning to her works, which navigate between abstraction and figuration, leaving a central part to the spectator’s perception and imagination. Depending on viewing angle, the mood and the viewer, Mollon can recall a small creature with a grimacing mouth, a drape, a mass of softened paper pulp, and even an abandoned skin, like a remnant of a moult.