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Sac C


Plaster print of a plastic bag from the Castorama chain of stores
48,5 x 35,5 cm

With Sac C, Benjamin Sabatier uses a common practice in his work: the reuse and recycling of both materials and manufacturing processes. By fixing the imprint of a plastic bag in plaster, anchoring the work in our daily lives, he challenges viewers while confronting them with a contradiction. Indeed, through his gesture, he perpetuates the image of a receptacle which is symptomatic of consumer society, whose efficiency depends on the shortness of use of the objects it sells us. Violaine Boutet de Montel rightly underlines that in addition to reusing this waste, “whose primary function was to push the consumer to buy, […] he [Benjamin Sabatier] also turns it into new merchandise, and art at that! “ (1) Like a fossil, the plaster keeps a minimal palette of green and blue, thus asking the question of the impact of plastic packaging on our environment and the traces we leave behind.

(1) Boutet de Monvel, Violaine, « Inventaire » dans Sabatier, Benjamin, Inventaire, éd. Anamosa, Paris, 2022

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