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Wood, fabric, string, paint
91 x 33,5 x 74,5 cm

Paul Wallach’s sculptures are not narrative. With very simple materials, they grow from a dynamic point in the wall and spread out in space, as if they were suspended, in order to interact with it. After a long observation, materials – entirely heterogeneous such as wood, plaster, cloth, metal or glass – show a certain consistency that creates the unity of the work. These different materials are interlinked and, with their specific weight, generated a delicate balance, arising from the dynamic of gravity. The permanent search for a centre of gravity is a constitutive element of form. None of his sculptures can be understood with a single glance. Each point of view is very different. Between the wall and these elements, Paul Wallach creates a meditative interval. Reflects of the shadows and colours are an integral part of the sculpture and our perception is constantly challenged. The artist’s sculptures are revealing hidden spaces, even inside of the work. Paul Wallach’s works are a journey through geometry and its multiple landscapes – both spatiotemporal and mental. We always have a different perception of them depending on the time, our mood, the light or our state of mind. They renew our sensory perception.