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Ghada AMER

La Géante (bronze)


Bronze, ed. 1/6
116 x 70 x 43 cm

Throughout her career, artist Ghada Amer has continually pushed the boundaries of the medium in which she works. In 2014, Ghada Amer began exploring ceramics, creating ceramic sculptures that resembled the form of a cardboard box. The cardboard box was an object Amer had always been interested in; she found the malleability of its form dramatic and compelling. To create her ceramic sculptures, Amer would first make a maquette using an actual cardboard box, painting her iconic female forms and faces in ink directly onto a box. Using a cardboard box as a maquette allowed the artist to explore the ways the object would fold and crease, which in turn made the ceramic work appear extremely realistic. Returning to the series in 2020, Amer again pushed the boundaries of her own practice by casting her cardboard drawings in bronze. The work in Raja’s collection is the very first bronze cardboard work.