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Bernar VENET

Born in 1941 in Château-Arnoux, France
Lives and works in New York, USA and in the Var, France

His faculty for intellectual abstraction and his taste for mathematical reasoning and experimentation led him to what would later be called conceptual art. He moved to New York in 1966. Sculpture has dominated his work since 1976. In 1983, he created his “Undetermined Lines”, followed in 1999 by “Arches” and then by “Straight Lines”. In 2011, he installed his “Monumentals” in the park at the Palace of Versailles. Bernar Venet’s work is inseparable from the concept of the line. He has chosen the most abstract, the simplest and the most fertile form, which he twists into “arches” or presents “straight”; first and foremost, it is the very idea of the line and its silent possibilities that he arranges.

Artist's artworks in the collection