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Posted on December 21, 2023

What is a cookie and what is its purpose? 

cookie is a small text file or a software element that records information about the navigation of your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on the Internet. Cookies are used to recognize your browser during the validity period of the cookie concerned. 

Other techniques, such as pixels or fingerprinting (“tracers”) may be used to access, by electronic transmission, information already stored on your terminal or to record information on this equipment.

Cookies may be stored by RAJA directly (internal cookies) or by third parties, partners of RAJA (third-party cookies).

Why does RAJA use cookies on the website? 

RAJA is always looking for innovative and effective solutions to improve your user experience on its website. (the “Website”). As such, RAJA may use cookies to remember your choices, such as language preference. Some cookies may require your prior consent (e.g., audience measurement cookies) before the cookie is installed on your device.

What types of cookies are used on the Website?

The following cookies are used on the Website: 

Cookies strictly necessary or exempt from consent.
e.g. browser cookies, Audience measurement cookies limited to the Website. 
These cookies are necessary for the operation of the Site and cannot be disabled in our systems. They are generally set in response to actions taken by you.  These cookies do not require consent.
Functionality cookies
e.g. recording the visitor’s language preferences 
These cookies enable us to offer you enhanced and personalised functionalities on our site. For example, to remember the language preferences used by your browser. The cookie used on our site to store language preferences is pll_language (lifetime 1 year).
Analytics cookies
e.g. identify the pages visited, improve the performance of the Site  
These cookies enable us to determine the number of visits and the sources of traffic, in order to measure and improve the performance of our website. They also help us to identify the most/least visited pages and to evaluate how visitors navigate the website. The use of these cookies requires your consent. We use Google Analytics cookies to measure the audience for our website. For more information about these cookies, please see the privacy policy of our partner Google by clicking here.

How does the website inform you about the cookies used?  

On your first visit to our Website, a banner informs you of the presence of cookies and invites you to indicate your choice. Except for strictly necessary cookies and those exempt from consent, which are enabled by default, cookies are only placed if you accept them. 

How long are cookies stored? 

The retention period is specified for each cookie on the Cookie Management console available on our Site. However, the maximum retention period is 13 months. 

With regard to your consent or refusal to the deposit of cookies, your choice is retained for 6 months from the date of deposit. At the end of this period, a new cookie banner will be displayed to allow you to make your choice. 

How to set cookies on the Website

  1. Via our cookie management tool 

The Cookie Management tool on the Website [ link to OneTrust tool] can be used to customise your cookie preferences. The tool will save your choices and ask you to renew your consent as soon as necessary.  

  • Via your browser
  • On a computer

Through your Internet browser, you can view the cookies already installed on your computer and delete them one by one, by type of cookie or as a whole. The way in which they are consulted differs according to the type of browser:

Apple Safari browser: under “Privacy” in the “Preferences” menu, in the area dedicated to “Cookies and other website data” ;

Google Chrome browser: under “Privacy and security” in the “Settings” menu, click on “Cookies and other site data”;

Microsoft Edge browser: “Cookies and other website data” section in the “Settings” menu;

Mozilla Firefox browser: Click on “Settings”, then select “Privacy and Security”, section “Cookies and site data”.

You can also configure certain cookies via the “Network Advertising Initiative” site or on your Internet browser in order to block or receive a warning of any cookie installation. The steps to follow are different for each browser, but you can find instructions in the browser’s “Help” menu. Browser settings can be made independently on each of the terminals you use to access our Site.

  • On a smartphone or tablet

You can uninstall or delete cookies as follows:

  • Google Chrome browser: in the “Settings” menu, in the “Privacy and security” category, then “Delete browsing data”, then the data you want to delete.
  • Apple browser on iOS 8: tap “Settings” then in the “Safari” tab select “Block Cookies” and choose one of the options offered: “Always Allow, Only Allow Visited Websites, Only Allow Currently Open Websites, or Always Block”. On iOS 7 or earlier, you can choose between the options “Never, Third parties and advertisers, and Always”.

Please note that uninstalling or blocking the cookies used on the Website may affect or even prevent your use of these Sites.

Any questions?

For further information, please contact our Data Protection Officer:

  • By e-mail to the following address:
    • By post to the following address


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