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Born in Paris, France
Lives and works in the Var, France

Daquin, born in Paris, has been living in the Var region of the South of France for over twenty years.
Pierre Daquin explores since the 70s, the potentiality of the supple, between the fluidity of painting and the rigidity of sculpture, which he applies to flexible materials such as textile, vinyl, rubber and paper  by folding, tearing, doubling up, and disintegrating it (in view of analysis and transformation of materials) by recomposing and cutting away (sometimes up to the extreme limit of subtraction) here thereby offering a different mode of knowledge unique understanding, generating fresh perspectives by this new look. In the words of the writer, Gerard Landrot ” he ennobles ordinary substances…with the assurance and grace of a thaumaturge…his creations transmit a tactile and visual sensuality, the subtlety of an oenologist who breathes the world that surrounds him and is perpetually astonished to find beauty where no one was seeking it…

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