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Balise à roulettes


Various found objects
102 x  65 cm approximately

With Balise à roulettes (Beacon on Wheels), Bastien Joussaume creates a playful and paradoxical landmark: the motley stack of objects before our eyes is reminiscent of a lighthouse or roadside cairn whose function would be to serve as an immutable landmark, but whose wheels suggest that it may be moved. At the heart of his work is the assembly of recycled materials which are evocative of both the industry (such as the cloudy polyurethane foam used for the work’s base) and everyday life (a pink bathmat and a ceramic dish), allowing the artist to take a back seat to the multiple stories and symbols carried by these objects. The process of recovery suggests an economy and simplicity that resonate with a certain philosophy of life; the work seems to be able to indicate both a physical landmark and a beacon in a moral and spiritual journey.