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Broderie contemporaine


DMC thread on unbleached paper
131 x 92 cm

With the mastery of a Cy Twonbly, if they were done with a needle, Guacolda excels in rough sketches – which to her is mere illusion – in the use of a textile strategy with mysterious intentions, in the manipulation of the re-figured source image, and in dotted creations, read from a single line, creating a form of headstrong femininity where the sensitive tames the brutal. She weaves innumerable entrances into a piece, and rarely does she refuse to explore a new or forgotten material. As soon as she takes hold of a needle and thread, she knows how to show the heights of her singular art where she incorporates engraving, painting and drawing all at once. And so she can go with this lightness of being, where on bubble-wrap and canvas, with threads, lines, and weavings, Guacolda ceaselessly advances with transparency. And in that time, wilfully, she sews.

Extract from “Guacolda. Figures.”
Christian-Louis Eclimont – May 2015