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Digital print
40 x 50 cm

“Look at shop window displays being rearranged, and see how magnificent those traces of whitewash, those unconscious, ephemeral motions of the workers are! In some cases, they are large circular movements, whilst in others, small, quick vertical flicks… all to hide and conceal! Attracted by the way the light creates spaces on transparent windows, Bev Parker digitally captures the way old Sellotape applied to the walls of telephone boxes multiplies the planes and creates depth. It was suggested to Bev Parker that she should enlarge her work to make its modernity more present. She has flatly refused to do, just as she rejects all that is glossy and shiny in today’s photography, maintaining her initial format of 18 x 24 cm. Because she wants her work to be intimate and long-lived, rather than ephemeral. Faithful to that goal, she has reduced her colour palette to black and white and a few chromatic variations.”

a text by Marie Cordié-Levy