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Clémentine CARSBERG

Monument d’archives

Environ 2000 boîtes d’archives brunes en carton recyclé RAJA dos 10 cm ref.BAV10, papiers peints
Installation in situ

Monuments d’archives is an installation made of storage boxes, including some surfaces covered with wallpaper, differing according to the spaces created by circular shapes, inside atmospheres, remains and monuments, in construction or in ruins. This installation translates an interest and curiosity for architecture and monuments conveying images of places of production and work; chimneys, towers… carrying a common history which can be seen in the landscape. Just like wallpaper, storage boxes have a story to tell, they contain, protect and classify preserved documents which are witnesses of personal and collective memories. As robust and protecting, yet fragile and compostable everyday things, these cardboard boxes have been turned into “building units” in an analogy with materials, stones, bricks, blocks, and are stacked on top of each other to build walls.