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Wood, white lacquer paint, corian
26 x 38 x 54 cm

This artist’s preferred material is wood, although Nathalie Elemento’s work now also encompasses metal. By questioning objects that furnish our daily lives, their necessity and their presence, Nathalie Elemento’s art is evocative of withdrawal, deformation and framework. “It is impossible to talk about withdrawal [repli in French] without mentioning the fold [pli]”, she says. A fold separates, demarcates and bounds two parts. The form of withdrawal that is then created subtracts the matter itself and leaves a blank space that the artist describes as “interiormediary” which shows an “other” reality. Withdrawal is military, but also a form of autism. In her pieces, Nathalie Elemento seeks to fill that void, about which we do not want to think but that is a source of sorrow and solitude which haunts us nonetheless whilst confirming its abyss.

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