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Pierre RIBA



Cardboard sculpture
215 x 55 x 45 cm

Decoupage, assemblages and moulding of sheets of cardboard marked the early stage of the artist’s creation, after which he dipped his work in resin to harden the material before covering it with graphite. In addition to his technical mastery, Pierre Riba draws his force from breaking down that medium. The artist’s creative genius gives new power to that simple, ordinary material. His constant, obsessive quest for the essential has led the artist to elevate each of his pieces to an art that is both rough and noble. The intentionally rounded shapes, similar to pebbles yet similar to megaliths, tend toward the archaic and the diagram. His pieces are both simple and essential, enigmatic and silent, serving as intermediaries between mankind and archaic forces, as if they belonged to the last vestiges of an unknown civilization.

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