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Gabrielle WAMBAUGH

Born 1963 in parisian region, France
Lives and works in Paris, France

Gabrielle Wambaugh is a sculptor and works with ceramics, chalk, rubber and plastic. She is particularly attracted to the small fissures and temporary spaces linked to various types of movement, and the way one moves in the space.

She also develops spaces that blend drawing and sculpture. “At the centre of my work is movement. It’s a question of moving out of an ascribed unique space to create a plural space. If I had to de ne sculpture, I would say: ‘sculpture is everything but what it is’, which means that it is constituted by its boundaries, it extensions and not by its location. Sculpture is in motion. It becomes the interval between nomadic points. Each material has its proper function, each medium its time, position and meaning. From plastic bags to photography, from sound to ceramics, Je ‘build’ equivalence and translation.”

In 2015 her sculptures were exhibited in Maastricht, Munich, Paris and China.

Artist's artworks in the collection