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Circulo Europeo


Painted wood, glass, pigments, engine
129 cm

“In my interactive or motorized works I try to introduce movement with the intention of avoiding a single and fixed phase, and the possibility of perpetual change to make evident the quality of matter and its behaviour. I rely on mechanic grounds to animate the work, in which mobility is an accident, creating changing situations just as it occurs at every moment in nature. When I say this, I am based on kinetic art concepts that I acquired very late, in the year 1968… In any case, what is proposed is to try to invent, to modify certain established structures despite all the contradictions that this may represent.”
Manuel Merida

Through his always mobile work, Manuel Merida plays with variations on the coloured matter (pigments, sand and various powders) used in his monochromes: his square and circular boxes spin around a central axis activated by a rotor. Each movement generates a new and unexpected monochrome. Organic matter is overturned, creating forms that are replaced ad infinitum.