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The RAJA Contemporary Art Collection is pleased to support the editorial and curatorial project Some of Us (ed. Manuella, publication April 2024). By contributing to the publication of the first anthology dedicated to contemporary women artists in France between 2000 and 2021, and in full alignment with the RAJA Group’s commitment to the fight against gender inequality, the Collection is pleased to contribute to the necessary visibility of contemporary women artists.

“Established in 2019, the curatorial and editorial platform Some of Us raises the question of the underrepresentation of female artists in the visual arts (…) Some of Us is an anthology of contemporary artists bringing together over 2500 visual archives (visual works, exhibition views) from the early 2000s to the present day in France.

Providing both a retrospective and prospective overview of the diversity of French scenes, the anthology contributes to the visibility of over 400 artists through a selection of their works and exhibitions. These visual archives are preceded by a highly documented and referenced text, tracing a multiplicity of stories, those of artistic and curatorial scenes in France as well as numerous artistic, theoretical, aesthetic, and philosophical issues related to them. This text provides perspective on several landmark works, research, and exhibitions (retrospectives, monographs, or collective) that have marked the support and visibility of contemporary artists.” (press release)

To learn more: some of us

Editorial and academic direction: Marianne Derrien, Jérôme Cotinet-Alphaize

Associate curator and archivist: Adrien Elie

Graphic design: Huz & Bosshard

Publisher: Manuella Éditions

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