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The RAJA Collection – Contemporary Art is pleased to lend the work La Géante (bronze) by Ghada Amer on the occasion of the “Faire Corps” exhibition, which will be held at the Fondation Villa Datris from May 19 to November 3, 2024 (curators: Danièle Marcovici and Stéphane Baumet).

The work from the Collection, one of the first bronzes created by Ghada Amer following her experiments with the ceramic medium, exemplifies the artist’s work. Amer depicts the image of a nude woman, which she extracts from its original context—pornography—and confronts the viewer with the woman’s body and gaze. The sculpture joins nearly 90 works that explore the body, a timeless and universal subject, throughout this exhibition.

“In 2024, “faire corps“, the 14th exhibition of The Villa Datris Foundation, explores visions of the “body” through the works of 60 established and emerging artists, both French and international. In the Foundation’s human-scale spaces and in its gardens, visitors will explore various facets of this classic but relevant subject. How do we see the body today? The body is shaped by its structure and inner life as much as by the way we look at it.Since the 19th century, and in keeping with profound mutations in society, representations of the “classical” body and the “ideal” nude have been increasingly called into question. In this exhibition, we explore the body as an object of concern for racialized, feminist, and gendered representations (…).”

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📷 : Exhibition view « Faire Corps », Fondation Villa Datris, 2024 – Photo © Bertrand Michau, ADAGP – Paris 2024.
With works by Ghada Amer, Louise Bourgeois, Prune Nourry and Annette Messager.

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